25 “What If” Questions List

From time to time, we all have those random “What if” questions that pop into our heads. Well, I can assure you, I’m no different!

I thought I’d post a few just for fun. Enjoy! What If

  1. What if, instead of making the sounds animals normally make, they say the name of what their species is known by in the language of the country in which they live?
  2. What if you had a pen that would allow you to write in whatever you wanted it to? Like, one minute it could write in ink or paint, then in graphite, then perhaps in blood or crayon.
  3. What if our planet was as big as Jupiter? Or bigger? Or as small and icy as Pluto?
  4. What if we lived underground without the knowledge or concept of what light was?
  5. What if hair and grass had feelings and voices?
  6. What if we didn’t have to breathe?
  7. What if one day you woke up or came home from work to find the characters from your favorite movie or book you wrote/read all in your house? Some playing cards or eating at the table, one watching television, one washing dishes in an apron, another attempting to vacuum the floor, and so on.
  8. What if you woke up and it was yesterday? Or last week? Or last year?
  9. What if you woke up one day and you were some one else? Or some thing else?
  10. What if nothing or no one looked as they do now?
  11. What if we were as tall as ants or as big as fabled giants?
  12. What if certain things we take for granted were never invented? Some examples are: cell phones, microwave ovens, springs, toilet paper, milk chocolate, fast food restaurants, the domestication of animals, concrete, fermented alcohol, and written language.
  13. What if we could communicate with animals like we humans do with each other? Mind Blown
  14. What if everyone on the planet was a single race, a single sex, and spoke a single language and, perhaps, even looked all the same? Your wheels are turning, aren’t they? *evil laugh*
  15. What if we communicated telepathically and could see and hear each other’s thoughts?
  16. What if we weren’t the dominate species?
  17. What if we were invaded by hostile aliens or the zombie apocalypse happened?
  18. What if there were no hot and cold temperatures outside; everyday was the same level of comfortable to everybody? How would that work for us with fire and ice and cooking/refrigerating food?
  19. What if we didn’t know any better than to be nudists?
  20. What if there was world peace with no one understanding the very concept of violence?
  21. What if humor did not exist nor the concept of having fun?
  22. What if we lived in a society that didn’t have to use money and/or fossil fuels?
  23. What if we could naturally fly; with or without wings?
  24. What if everyone only lived for the day they were currently living – not caring about the past nor planning for the future?
  25. What if life as you know it was just…different…in every way?

Comment and share your “What if” scenarios!

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