Pancakes Or Waffles?

To bacon? Or not to bacon? THAT…is never a question! But what sometimes is a question is should I go for the golden crispiness of a waffle? Or should I go for the soft cakey texture of a pancake? Pancakes vs. Waffles

Bacon is an easy choice. But when confronted with the option of pancakes or waffles… Well, usually, I am a pancake kind of guy. I mean, how can you wrong with pancakes?

When I was growing up, my grandmother would often make us pancakes. We didn’t get waffles too often; which may explain why I prefer them less. But when she did it was, more often than not, they were waffle iron waffles.

Waffles. Say it with great enthusiasm. WAFFLES! Funny, isn’t it?

Now days, I grab the “just add water” stuff and have at it. I don’t mind cooking, but I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of quicker is better when it comes to food. But not always.

They say that the longer it takes to cook something the more rewarding it is. I already know how true that statement is, but you have to remember… I’m lazy! *laughs*

So I do the quick mix, original or buttermilk (I likes the buttermilk stuff), throw in the water, stir the heck out it with my fork, pour, and impatiently wait for the bubbles to signify it’s flipping time.

Fast forward…

Pancakes are done! Yay! Now comes the heaping globs of unhealthy butter. Then, wait… okay. Maybe not heaping globs. But then comes the waterfall of artificially buttered flavored maple syrup. And, of course, the figurative half gallon of cold milk to go with it! Yummy Pancakes

And once I get all of my everything-wrong-with-the-American-diet items together then it’s chow time! The problem with this part of the cycle is my tendency to over eat. But, I’m a happy camper even if I do.

So what’s your preference? Are you a pancake or waffle kind of guy or girl? And do you prefer the toaster stuff or the old fashion home cooked stuff?

Do you like putting blue berries or chocolate chips in the mix? Any special or crazy way you serve it up? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!

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