Komplex Sinplicities: Origins Of The Title And Book Cover

Something that interests me about a book is what interests a lot of readers and that is how the author ever came up with the story. Where did the characters come from? What was their inspiration(s)? KS2-BACKGROUNDcover

I know, in terms of traditional book publishing, there is an arsenal of people that take an authors manuscript and turn it into the finished product we see on the shelf.

Sometimes they change bits of the story in a way that will sell more books, and the original title may even get changed for much of the same reason.

The cover of the book may have been one of thirty or more possibilities before being decided upon. All of this work goes into getting the most out of a book so that it makes a lot of sales.

In the world of the Indie author, this team of professionals isn’t available; making the author, not only the author, but the editor, publisher, graphics designer, marketing agent, and so forth.

Also, a word about covers, self publishers have the access to sites that specialize in book covers for a fee. these covers are well thought up, well made, and often look like they came from a big publishing house.

But I like taking a more hands on approach. I’m no graphic designer, and certainly no where the level as many of the Photoshopers out there, but I can do enough to make an interesting picture or two.

To be honest, some of my more cooler pictures I’ve done turned out the way they did by total accident. I start playing around and eventually I get this nifty picture. It’s fun. I enjoy doing it.

So I make my own book covers. My best and most favorite is a picture I did that I’ll be using for one of my current WIPS (Work In Progress). Want a hint: There’s a bird on it. You’ll know it when you see it.

For Komplex Sinplcities, which I’m finishing adding content to before going into the long editing process, you’ll see a red background with wavy lines and a symbol in the middle of the cover.

The wavy lines was one of those accidents I told you about. the original idea was to have just a solid red background with the title and name in black and nothing else.

But that’s where the symbol came in. I wanted to add a simple, yet unique, item to the cover without it getting too busy. I thought long and hard on the title and tried to let my mind brainstorm with itself.

Then one day, I had the idea to put a bio-hazard sign on the front. I decided on this because people associate the sign with death, darkness, fear, maybe chaos, confusion, and so on.

But that wasn’t enough. It fit the “Komplex” part of the title, but it didn’t fit in with the “Sinplicities” part of it. More time went by before the idea of adding pitchforks came to me.

Crossing the pitchforks was the first thing I thought of doing, so I did this and placed them over the bio-hazard sign. That didn’t look right. So then I moved them underneath the bio sign. Still wasn’t sitting quite right with me.

Then the idea of separating the forks and placing them on either side of the bio symbol hit me. I did this and tilted the prongs at an angle, but, like the other ideas, it was too space consuming and busy in the picture.

So I thought on it some more. And the idea to cross them and put them in the bio-hazard sign hit me. I did this and angled them and stretched them so they fit evenly.

Presto! There it was! I had my symbol.

As for the title, Komplex Sinplicities, along with the other WIP I mentioned earlier, actually started back when I was in high school over twenty years ago.

Being it was so long ago, I couldn’t tell you now exactly how I got the idea for the title other than I wanted something unique. Complex Simplicities seemed pretty fitting, but it didn’t have that “feel” I was looking for.

I needed something that (mostly) my generation could associate with. So I changed a couple of letters and knew the words I was looking at was to be my book title. And after all these years, it has remained so.

The cover itself, once I decided on the main look of it, has gone through many subtle changes. In terms of marketing and sales, there’s probably a version or two that would do better than the one I settled on, but oh well.

But there ya have it! An in-the-nutshell look at how I came up with the cover to my upcoming book: Komplex Sinplicities.

Be sure to follow my blog for future posts of news and inside looks into my books and how I came about creating them. Thank you for stopping by! Hope to see you next time!

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