Why Is The Past Important

Lessons From The PastI remember, as a kid, going to the video store and renting VHS tapes. And then came along DVDs. And, OH! Was there ever an uproar about them! Some people wanted to stay with the times, and we all thought (even secretly) they were nifty.

But we saw the future and we knew our beloved cassette tapes would fade out and we would have to RE-BUY all the movies and albums that we already owned.

What am I going on about? I’m talking about the past. And Why do we feel it’s so important to hang on to it.

When I was in high school, me and my friends created a role play game. During the game, one of my friends, Matt, asked my character that very question. And as hard as I tried to explain to his character the importance of remembering the past…he kept hammering me.

And you know what? It came to a point when he had me backed against the wall. Figuratively.

So, why do we hold on to the past? Why should we hold onto the past? Let’s take a minute and talk about the two obvious reasons: We’re sentimental and we learn from the past.

Without a doubt, we are sentimental people. With the exception of minimalists, and not getting into hoarders, the average person likes to keep photos and mementos of people they loved, places they’ve been, and so forth.

I know I’m guilty of this. I even, on the occasion, buy something that I once had growing up. Material things. Funny they can mean so much to us.

The other reason is because we learn from the past. We advance as a society from learning from our mistakes to (hopefully) do better in the future. For this important reason alone we cling to the past.

But as my friend kept bringing up, why do we keep up historical parks and memorials? Why don’t we just discard old relics to make way for the new? Why do we keep things instead of just forging ahead?

I’d like to hear your opinions. Comment below and share your thoughts on why the past is so important to us. Till next time, have an awesome day!

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