Find Your Niche

Hello everyone, and welcome to another post by moi, Kyran Ravencroft. So! Let’s get to it! Finding your niche.

Niche WritingNiche… The heck fire kind of word is that anyway? NEESH! Sounds like something out of a Monty Python movie. “NI!”

Ok. But, seriously. A niche is a well defined area of expertise. Simple, yeah? Let’s break it down a bit more…

A niche isn’t the same thing as a genre. When say you write in a particular niche it’s a different thing than saying you write in, say, Fantasy or Horror.

Defining your niche is very important if you want to start blogging and/or writing books or E-books. If you plan to make any money then defining what your niche is, your defined expertise, is the most important thing you can do.

Once you have this down to a pin point, then the next move to start making money is to write specifically to that one audience. Don’t start writing about Italian Cooking Competitions and then move into Table Etiquette For Dummies.

Keep your focus and write! Write! WRITE!

The more defined your niche is then the better your chances of success. This is especially true if it’s not in an already flooded market like SEO or Network Marketing.

Even if the populous of your market is small, no worries! Those people will start seeing your name more and more and will begin seeing you as an expert in the something you’re writing about. They are sure to buy into your stuff.

Don’t have any idea what your niche is? Begin by looking at what your passionate about. What is it that just lays on your heart everyday and you delve into head over heels? THAT, my friend, is your niche.

Take a look at what you like to do; a hobby, side job or service. Sit down with pen and paper if you need to and write down keywords that come to mind. This will help you dig down past any general idea you may have.

Let’s give it a go, shall we?

When I’m not writing I enjoy metal detecting. Ok. So metal detectorists is my choice to write about. Good! Now you need to separate the components.

Let’s say we live in Florida. Now we write about Metal Detecting In Florida. Nope! Keep going…

We live in Florida and metal detect beaches. Better! It’s a good start. From here, you can go as far down as you want. We live in Florida and metal detect the Atlantic beaches for lost Spanish gold with Garrett’s such and such metal detector.

Now you have a defined audience along with other audiences that may also be interested in your topic. Get the idea?

Finding your niche will be more difficult to fine tune than for others, but that’s okay. It may take some time and deep thinking, but you can find something to settle in.

But don’t go down so far that you’re not interested in the subject anymore. Stay where you’re comfortable. The easier the material comes to you to write about the easier it will be for you to keep writing in the future.

Do you have a niche you write in? Something odd or strange or not well known to most? If you’re willing to share then leave a comment. Hope this was helpful to you, and thank you for stopping by!



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