The Last People On Earth

Here’s an interesting thought I am sure many people have considered: WHAT IF you were the last person or persons on the face of the planet? Last Person On Earth

What would you do? Where would you go? How would you survive? Three basic questions, but very important questions should you happen to ever find yourself in this situation.

Whether the end of mankind is due to biblical events, or man made (virus/nuclear) causes, the scenario is a scary one if you think about it.

There’s many “preppers” out there that already have bunkers, food and water caches, and an arsenal of weapons and ammo. These guys, surprisingly, each have their own ideas and theories on how to make it through the apocalypse.

But what would I do? What would be my game plan? Well, I’ll tell ya:

Let’s say that some freak incident occurred and me and my wife were the last two human beings on earth. The first thing I would NOT have to worry about is shelter. Shelter, fire, and food/water are always at the top of any survivalist’s to-do list. But the priorities of each can vary depending on the situation.

So with millions upon millions of buildings across the landscape, shelter would rank low on the priority list. And thank goodness!

The next thing I would want to worry about is the means to create fire. And though I’ve had training with making fire without matches or lighters, mind you, it’s more difficult to do, I’d still take advantage of the man made resources available until they became unusable.

Having the ability to make fire means cooking food, sterilizing water, keeping warm, protection, and so on. Fire is essential for life if you plan on living for more than a couple of years; if you make it THAT long.

Food and water. let’s first handle the food problem. If we were the last people on earth then there will be an over abundance of canned food available.

We could live on this for a long time, but eventually it WILL go bad. Unless wheat grew on its on for years to come, and we found a way to bake bread without a conventional oven (which is easier than you think), then making things with grain would also be low on the priority list.

Wild edibles would be brought into diets more as staples than exotics. The need to hunt and fish would, of course, become the norm. Luckily, I can do both.

Water, on the other hand, would be at the top of the list on any given day. You can survive for days and days without food, but you have a week (give or take) to live. Less than that if you are in a hot and dry area.

But water should be everywhere, right? Yep! So what’s the problem? Lots! Not to get into all the ways to get clean water, the most common method is boiling it. Hence the need for fire.

Bleach will be easily accessible for awhile, and I know adding a few drops to a gallon of water (and letting it sit for a few hours) will bring the water to drinkable status.

Over time, clothing will be an issue, and I can see the return to wearing furs becoming the fashion. But, with abandoned clothing stores everywhere, we could probably avoid the fur issue for awhile.

Medicine. Sigh. There’s the monster! Sickness is inevitable. We would raid what storage cabinets we could, but not all medicine would be usable over time.

Back up generators could be used to provide electricity and refrigeration. But, in the long run, gas will become watered down and no good to use. I’m thinking distant future. End Of The World

We would keep what we could for as long as we could. After that, then it is what it is. In the meantime, herbal remedies, which I sometimes use already, will become our medicine closet.

One of the most important strategies to staying alive is one most people don’t think about: keeping busy! Whether alone or with my wife, I would make it a point to have fun, stay creative, and keep busy looking for supplies, water, and growing/finding food.

We’d need to relocate from time to time to keep up with food and supplies. I’d want to mark circles of distance on a map around our current location. This way I can set a limit to our gathering zone and where we are currently within said zone.

My vote wold be to take only what you think you need and those items you may not come across in the next area. Nomads and wild animals have learned this tactic long ago. It’s a good lesson to pick up.

Speaking of wild animals, what of the wild dogs and zoo animals? Wolves and coyotes? It’s my belief the first two would be the biggest concerns.

Domestic dogs are everywhere. And, eventually, they’re going to find their ancestral roots to survive. This means, possibly, turning on you. What zoo animals you have to worry about will begin congregating and re-populating. Luckily, guns and ammunition will easily attainable.

The thing you have to worry most about is being ambushed. And they will be a constant threat, so you better get use to the idea of no longer being at the top of the food chain. So, yeah, we would be packing at all times.

No one can tell you exactly how to survive through or after an apocalypse. But there are basic rules and strategies that most everyone will agree upon.

The smartest thing you can do is to not panic and use your head. Common sense, though seemingly a rare thing in today’s society, can go a long way.

So that’s a very broad and general view of what me and mine would do, but it’s a start. What would you do if you or your family were the last humans on earth? Share your survival plans with us in the comments!

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