Laser Guided Treasure Hunting

As a treasure hunter, I find “treasure” in a lot of things. Metal detecting is my most favorite past time, but I also love digging bottles, collecting the occasional book, scraping metal, and so on. metal detecting for treasure

But several years ago, I was riding down the highway one day and I was looking at all the old houses and fields and day dreaming about what could be in the ground.

Then my imagination got a little too carried away and it came up with this nifty vision. As I was looking across the fields, my mind’s eye was laser pin pointing targets in the ground!

Of course, I don’t have any clue if there was really any treasure being marked, but as a writer, my imagination can turn thoughts into reality before my eyes.

Here’s how it works:

Picture in your head, for example, a field or something that you drive by all the time; someplace you would like to metal detect. Now imagine these continuous little beams of light shining down from the sky to spots on the ground.

Now imagine, if you will, that the beams are different colors according to whatever type of object is in the dirt – yellow for gold, blue for bottles, white for silver, red for iron… you get the picture.

So you have all these beams of light shining all over the place pin pointing coins and bottles and relics. And all you have to do is simply walk over and start digging! Wouldn’t that be sweet? Finding Lost Treasure

I think it would be amazing, myself, but then it would take out the fun of HUNTING for the stuff to begin with, wouldn’t it?

Treasure hunters of every sort have bad days. It’s true! But even a bad day looking for treasure is still a good day for us. And it’s crazy thoughts like this one that start working our wheels and make us try new techniques.

Maybe someday technology will give us treasure enthusiasts an upper hand at finding those impossible targets. And maybe, just maybe, we can even have a satellite in space beaming lights all over that only we treasure hunters can see.

But then that wouldn’t be “treasure hunting,” would it?

About kyranravencroft

Writer, treasure hunter, husband, and daddy. But not necessarily in that order.

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