Yet Another Life

Continuous scenes of normal life pass by the window. A repetitious bloom bloom sound is noticeable, but has long since become mostly hidden with the rest of the ambient noise. Surrounded by strangers, always feeling out of place, and now, admittedly, getting a little hungry. Fantastic.

I’m lost in my thoughts. Nothing out of the norm there. I think I live in my head more than I do in this so-called “reality” I’m stuck in. Ah, if only I could remember why I’m here! Yay me for having the great chore of being some one else.

I often find myself chuckling. Only to myself, yet perhaps a bit out loud. I’m wondering such things like how this time would be viewed and judged if taken back and shown to a previous, more primitive, time?

For example . . .

Let’s take the lady sitting down the car from me. By any conceivable accounts, yes, she is very pretty! Good skin, nice hair . . . . Nothing out of place except she has a bigger bulge in her pants than I could ever hope for! A very sarcastic “Thank you” to Mother Nature; as I’m sure she’s thanking Father Science.

Or, how about this one?

Cars. Airplanes. Spacecraft! I mean, how would the mighty fleets of the old Spanish armada react if they seen a modern stealth destroyer? Or maybe take a tank and a helicopter to the front lines of the Battle of Gettysburg? And on the endless list goes.

The problem, my current problem, now is is that sometimes there’s a glitch when moving around. You wouldn’t think so, but it’s true. For most, moving around is known as such things like: astral projecting, past lives, deja vu, time travel, and whatever else there is.

For the extreme few who know better, it’s simply known Quantum Lapsing. And, as the name suggests, there is quite a bit of lapsing. In spite of popular belief, there’s a lot more of a process than just simply disappearing from one place and being magically transported to another.

Not to give too much away, but what you must understand about Quantum Lapsing is that the you that is being lapsed . . . isn’t the same you whenever and/or wherever it is you go. And, oh, one more critical piece . . . prepare to spend years, if not an entire lifetime, at the destination.

Which brings me to my problem.: this person that is me isn’t the original me. More than that, I have to expand my consciousness to remember why it is I’m here. Hence why it takes so long – being born (or reborn) as a whole different person.

Yep! Like the great majority of those of us who’ve lapsed, I was born into this world – this time. I have characteristics of my current “mother” and “father”, lived a life not unlike those around me, but there are also new changes.

I like and dislike things the real me did, but also things the real me didn’t. I have new habits, hobbies, skills (or a lack thereof), and so on. Then there’s the genealogy, time/space interferences, and let’s not forget the historical footprints.

I’m sure you have gathered by now the complexity of the situation.

There is a plus side, however. The more you lapse . . . the longer you live. Seemingly, at least. If I am able to return to my time, my original body, before I die here then I can go on living my life as I know it. And if I lapse again, then the possibility of living out a whole new existence somewhere is just another lifetime I’ve lived.

But, there is bad news, too.

Should I die here, which is also very, very likely, then that’s it for me. Not too fun, huh? Yes, well,  it’s a risk we all take. And, ultimately, a risk well worth the taking. Well, I think so.

Also, it’s far easier to go forward in time than it is to go back. For a long time, it was theorized going backwards was impossible. We know now that it is possible. But it’s also extremely dangerous. A person’s survival rate of just making the journey alone significantly plummets.

Anyhow. Now that I went through all of that, which I probably shouldn’t had mentioned to begin with, allow me to resume my initial point. Which is me, on this train, here and now, with no utter clue as to why except that I have a purpose.

A purpose, I might add, that is beyond the normally perceived idea that we are all here for a purpose. I have that, too. It’s just mine is much greater than yours. No ego attached to that last statement, by the way.

So, I guess in the meantime, I’ll continue to drive myself nuts knowing that I know more than these know-it-alls around me, live my life as those who know me perceive and expect it to, and, of course, try my best to stay alive . . . again.


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Writer, treasure hunter, husband, and daddy. But not necessarily in that order.

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