It has been estimated by the FAO that, by the year 2050, the world’s population will have increased to 9 billion people. With the population already on the increase, farm land has been on the constant decrease – converted to lots for housing and businesses.

With more mouths to feed, and with less area to grow the food needed to fill the demand, alternate farming techniques and food sources are being used; with a necessary exploration to better and cheaper techniques.2015_03_24_14_39_50

One company, called Exo, has recognized this problem and is moving to do their part – with their cricket flour protein bars; made from roasted crickets. Yep! That’s right! . . . crickets!

The fact is, many companies are joining the list with Exo in the use of crickets as an alternate protein source for their nutrition value. Not to mention, harvesting crickets, along with a quick turnout, are cheap to raise and require much less room and food than do cattle and chickens, for example.

Take a look at what these little guys can provide:


Like it or not, insect protein is a sure bet for our protein source of the future; ranging up to possibly 70% of our protein intake. And, honestly, the taste may surprise you! Crickets themselves having a nice nutty flavor you will just have to experience for yourse2015_03_23_20_46_31lf.

A protein bar formulated by a three-Michelin-star chef, Exo’s protein bars contain real foods with no fillers, stabilizers, or syrups. Not to mention they are gluten free and they even knocked out soy and dairy!

So, why, again, use cricket flour?

Well, besides being obviously plentiful? Crickets are a complete source of protein and contain twice the amount of iron found in spinach with all of the essential amino acids to boot! They contain more than half the protein as most things you’d reach for (i.e. beef jerky, eggs, etc.).

But why ride the fence? If you’re a fan of protein snacks and are interested in Exo, then why not try it out for yourself? Click HERE to order a sample pack today!

The future is NOW! Go taste it for yourself!

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