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First Proof For Komplex Sinplicities In The Mail

It has been one long and tedious journey to even get to this point: Ordering the first proof for the paperback. Whoo hoo!

But, we’re not out of the frying pan just yet. There is still plenty of work ahead. With that said, I want to go over a couple of things about where I am at right now with my writing.

Firstly, let’s go over what will happen once the proof arrives. So the files look good and the eBook files are waiting for their upload. It has been my experience, being this is my first paperback, that publishing a paperback is a whole different baby than doing eBooks.

In short, eBooks are formatted differently. You only need a front cover where as you need to create the spine and front and back covers for the paperback. The paperback cover has to be tweaked to meet the page count.

The interior is also different. Paperbacks are just that . . . paperbacks. Which is to say you are printing a physical book. So when formatting for this you have to think more traditionally.

On the flip side of this are the eBook files which are HTML and look different on digital devices. although there is a lot of freedom with what all you can do with digital files there are some things you’re going to have to sacrifice in order for the book to look right on a person’s reader.

Another thing to think about are pictures, links, and so on. Of course, in a paperback these things are printed on the page wherever they are in the file. Not so with eBooks. However, links can be clicked in digital files which will take the reader where ever you want to take them; website, landing page, etc.

Most people already know these things, so I’m not going to go into formatting details here.

Secondly, as stated before, the work isn’t over yet. Once the proof arrives it will need to be thoroughly gone over and looked at with the attention to detail of a forensics lab.

Such things I’ll be looking for are:

How does the cover look?

  • Do the images (live elements) fit? Are they cascading too much one way or another? Are they off kilter? Too short on any side? How is the image quality? Is the text clear and readable?

How does the interior look?

  • Are the pages starting on the correct page numbers? Is the text aligned properly? Is there any weird spacing anywhere? After reading the book from cover to cover, were there any grammatical and punctuation errors?

. . . and so on.

After going over every inch of the book, corrections will be made (if there are any and there probably will be) and the  files will be re-uploaded. Should that be the case then another proof will be ordered and the cycle repeats itself.

Once everything is fixed and finalized then comes the heart pounding moment when you push the Publish button. But hold on a minute!

Are you promoting? Do you even have a marketing strategy? This should have been worked out a long time ago. If you don’t or haven’t promoted yet then don’t release that book into the world just yet. You need a following!

I’ve got my marketing strategy laid out. It may not be the best of them, but I feel it will be good enough. It’s not like I’m looking to be the next J.K. Rowling. I just want people to read my stuff.

Anyway, moving right along . . . .

So what’s to be expected after Komplex Sinplicites? Well, I plan on writing a blog post just on this topic; and maybe soon. But, for now, I’ll just say there are several other projects in the works.

The hard part is is there are so many of them. Writing takes time and, sometimes, focus. I’m a fairly busy guy! And there are a lot of times when I just don’t feel like writing for whatever reason.

Hey! Writers are people, too, you know!

In conclusion, I’ll keep doing what I do when I can find the time to even do it. The first proof, again, is on its way. I’m already working on other projects. And I’ll start throwing on the thick promotion stuff soon.

In the meantime, thank you for your readership! And stay tuned for future updates by clicking on the Follow button. I hope to see YOU on the other side!

A Long Infographic

Greetings to all!

Came across a website seeing what others have suggested for Bloggers to blog about. The site started out with this lo-o-ong infographic that I just simply HAD to share.

Click the pic. You may have to click it again to blow it up. OR…you can download the PDF here. Enjoy!

Blog Post Infographic










See ya on the other side! Thanks for stopping by!


You Can’t Please Everyone

Let’s face it! You can’t please everybody. Plain and simple. And that’s what I want to talk about today: Pleasing everyone.

Hey everybody, Kyran Ravencroft here with a bit of a message for those who keep getting backlash for putting their BEST foot forward. Can't Win Them All

It’s only natural that you strive to do your best as an entertainer or artist. You do try to please everyone, or as many people as you can, but the reality is you just can’t do it.

There will ALWAYS be somebody out there that will not like something you did or said. You might not like my blog. I may not like the way you laugh. See how that works?

To deal with the onslaught of it all you have to thicken your hide. How to develop a thick skin: Leave your emotions at home. It’s mean and straight forward to say, but that’s just the way it is.

I have listed in another post already on ways to deal with the critics that are bound to jump out of the bushes and gnaw on your feet. To see the list go check out my post called Dealing With Grammar Nazis.

Right! So there it is. Just thought I’d take a quick moment to spew out my brain thoughts. Hope you found my words helpful.

Be sure to check out my T-Shirts and stay tuned in to see what random thing or things I talk about next. Thank you, and toodles!

Find Your Niche

Hello everyone, and welcome to another post by moi, Kyran Ravencroft. So! Let’s get to it! Finding your niche.

Niche WritingNiche… The heck fire kind of word is that anyway? NEESH! Sounds like something out of a Monty Python movie. “NI!”

Ok. But, seriously. A niche is a well defined area of expertise. Simple, yeah? Let’s break it down a bit more…

A niche isn’t the same thing as a genre. When say you write in a particular niche it’s a different thing than saying you write in, say, Fantasy or Horror.

Defining your niche is very important if you want to start blogging and/or writing books or E-books. If you plan to make any money then defining what your niche is, your defined expertise, is the most important thing you can do.

Once you have this down to a pin point, then the next move to start making money is to write specifically to that one audience. Don’t start writing about Italian Cooking Competitions and then move into Table Etiquette For Dummies.

Keep your focus and write! Write! WRITE!

The more defined your niche is then the better your chances of success. This is especially true if it’s not in an already flooded market like SEO or Network Marketing.

Even if the populous of your market is small, no worries! Those people will start seeing your name more and more and will begin seeing you as an expert in the something you’re writing about. They are sure to buy into your stuff.

Don’t have any idea what your niche is? Begin by looking at what your passionate about. What is it that just lays on your heart everyday and you delve into head over heels? THAT, my friend, is your niche.

Take a look at what you like to do; a hobby, side job or service. Sit down with pen and paper if you need to and write down keywords that come to mind. This will help you dig down past any general idea you may have.

Let’s give it a go, shall we?

When I’m not writing I enjoy metal detecting. Ok. So metal detectorists is my choice to write about. Good! Now you need to separate the components.

Let’s say we live in Florida. Now we write about Metal Detecting In Florida. Nope! Keep going…

We live in Florida and metal detect beaches. Better! It’s a good start. From here, you can go as far down as you want. We live in Florida and metal detect the Atlantic beaches for lost Spanish gold with Garrett’s such and such metal detector.

Now you have a defined audience along with other audiences that may also be interested in your topic. Get the idea?

Finding your niche will be more difficult to fine tune than for others, but that’s okay. It may take some time and deep thinking, but you can find something to settle in.

But don’t go down so far that you’re not interested in the subject anymore. Stay where you’re comfortable. The easier the material comes to you to write about the easier it will be for you to keep writing in the future.

Do you have a niche you write in? Something odd or strange or not well known to most? If you’re willing to share then leave a comment. Hope this was helpful to you, and thank you for stopping by!



How To Choose A Pen Name

A Name By Any Other...Many new writers sit on the edge about using a pen name. They make themselves sick with worry just trying to battle it out with themselves. But truly, it’s not really that big of a deal.

Countless artists, especially writers and singers, use pen names. From Mark Twain to Lady Gaga, Lewis Carrol to Anne Rice, pen names can be found everywhere.

Even Stephen King has wrote under a handful of names! So calm down, my friend. I’m gonna help you through this!

The first question you should be asking yourself is, “Why use a pen name?” Before choosing a pen name you must first figure out the reason you wish to do so.

I’ll give you the three biggest reasons I know why to use one, how I made the choice on mine, and give you a couple (obvious) ways to go about choosing one.

So! What is the reason behind it all?

First of all, for some writers, it’s to simply protect their privacy. Either they want to write a book without the mad attention that can go with it or they just don’t want anyone to bother them about it.

Two separate things, right? Not really. Think on it.

There are those folks out there that have made writing a book a milestone in their life. They aren’t looking for anything other the satisfaction of the publication of their book.

On the other hand, some people want to follow through with being an author. By using a pen name they make it more difficult for fans to track them down on a more personal level.

Make sense?

A second reason writers use a pen name, and probably one of the two more common reasons, is because they usually write in one genre and want to put out a book in a different genre.

By doing so, the readers don’t get the two names confused. It’s insane to say it, but it’s easier to be known by one name to one genre than it is to say an author writes in this genre and that.

You may disagree, but that’s how I understand it.

The third reason, and the other most common reason, is because the person has a popular name. Perhaps there are other authors with the same name and they don’t want to confuse the following they are trying to build and/or it could be they want to avoid interference with sales.

This latter reason is why I chose to use a pen name.

As of this writing, there is a pro basketball player and at least one other author with the same name as mine – Anthony Davis. I don’t hide the fact I am using a pen name, but I’m starting to get into another blog post here.

More on that one later!

Once you filed down the meat and got to the bone you now have your reason to use a pen name. Do you still want to use it? That’s your choice. No one can make that call for you.

But let’s say you have decided to write under a different name. Great! But there’s a catch. It’s not all that easy to think up a pen name.

You name characters in your books. You could do it all day long. But giving yourself a different name isn’t as easy as you might think!

Here’s three ways to put your name together:

  1. Think of some one who meant a lot to you; a teacher, a relative, that long lost friend, etc. Maybe they had a name that really stuck with you? Write it down and keep thinking.
  2. Make an anagram! Change around the letters to your real name to make another name out of it. It can be a tedious task, but a fun one!
  3. Use baby name books or websites. There’s oodles of names out there. Surely ONE of them catches your attention!

So how did I come up with Kyran Ravencroft? I firstly looked at my writings and how my mind operates. I wanted something fitting. I used baby name lists to pour through hundreds of names.

Then I came across the name Kyran. It’s an Irish name for a boy meaning “dark.” Perfect! That for me was the hard part. The easiest part was the last name: Ravencroft.

There is a Scooby Doo movie called ‘Scooby Doo and the Witch’s Ghost’ that had a character in it with the last name of Ravencroft. Incidentally, the character was also a writer and played by (the most awesome) Tim Curry.

I wrote the name down and said it out loud a few times. To me, it sounded good. It was catchy and fit my personality. So I had my pen name.

Whichever method(s) you use I assure you it’s probably going to take you a while to find a name that just clicks. But be patient! Don’t rush into it no matter how frustrated you may get. The result can be quite rewarding; even if it’s just for personal satisfaction.

I hope you have found this helpful! If you are using a pen name or have decided on one then share how you chose yours in the comments!

Thank you for reading, and I hope to see YOU on the flip side!

How To Tutorial: Folding A Fitted Sheet

Here’s a quickie post for ya!

Most people I know, including myself, do not know how to fold the dreaded fitted sheet. So, I thought I’d share a video or two with you guys.

I grabbed these off of YouTube because I’m just too darn busy (and too lazy! Shhh!!!) to make a video myself. So I’m not taking any credit for them, just so ya know.

Anyhoo… This is for you! Good luck!



In case you missed it, here’s another one for ya!



Well, I hope you found the videos as helpful as I did! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and get the stupid sheet back ON the bed! Grrr!!!

Don’t Believe “You’re Not good Enough”


It has always been your dream to be a published author. But there is something holding you back: The belief that you aren’t good enough. You want to know what that is? I’ll tell ya…

It’s a LIE!

It is my belief that everyone has a story to tell. And I know I am repeating myself when I say that, but it’s the truth. Authors, novice and seasoned, are publishing books everyday.

So I’m wondering… Why shouldn’t you?

Let’s look at some non-in depth reasons that keep people from accomplishing their dream of publishing that book.

1. You don’t know where or how to start.

Let’s say you have this idea for the next big thing. You know what you want to say but aren’t sure how to begin. You don’t know anything about writing a book or the publishing process.

Well, I have some really good news for you! The internet is FULL of resources to help you along the way. There’s tons of stuff that I don’t know about. And I can tell you the internet is my best friend to get to the answers I am looking for.

With that said, however, there is no way I could give you a list of places to turn to for help, but I will give you a push in the right direction!

The Writer’s Market is probably the holy grail for authors. Think of it as the 101 class for beginning authors and the literary bible for writers in general.

I’d also suggest looking into writing forums. Get involved. Ask questions. The folks in these groups are more than happy to answer your questions and give you their opinions on whatever you have in mind.


Read Everything

Reading will help give you insight on how a story is constructed. Sure, there’s the technical stuff like the setting, plot, character development, grammar usage, and so on.

By reading you can get the feel of how a story should flow and what it should look like.

Writer’s Digest would be another valuable source for info. They are all the time holding classes and writing competitions. I think it would worth your time to look into.

2. Unveiling the mysteries of publishing.

Publishing a book is an art form in and of itself. Today, you have two options: traditional publishing and self publishing.

I won’t get into great detail about either, but here’s the basic low down:

The road to traditional publishing is a tedious one. If you’re looking to go with this method, I’d suggest using the Writer’s Market to find a publisher that deals with the type of material you have.

More than likely, the publisher won’t even look at your manuscript unless you have an agent, but this isn’t always true. Not in the least bit! And there are books for finding and submitting to agents, so stop looking at that trash can.

When submitting to an agent (or to a publisher, magazine, whatever), you’re going to need to write a querie letter and a cover letter.

If you’re manuscript is accepted to be published, which is sad to say the odds are stacked against you, then you’re in for a very long wait. There’s contract negotiations, editing, cover designs, and more that’s going to cause you nothing else than a big headache.

Personally speaking, I don’t do stress and drama and I also like having control of my work. Which is why I take the other route: self publishing.

Self publishing, in my opinion, is a lot of fun. Now don’t get me wrong! It’s a lot of work, too! The general consensus is that self publishing a book is about 30% writing and 70% marketing.

Unlike the traditional method, where the marketing is done for you (for an allotted amount of time), self publishing is ALL on you! This is to say that the success or failure of your book, no matter how great or small, is determined on how well you spread the word.

Also unlike the traditional method of publishing, you will need to edit your own work. Fortunately, there are programs yo help you with this. You can use a free software like Pro Writing Aid, but I would advise you study on word usage and punctuation before submitting your book to go live.

I’m no English major by a long shot. But that’s not going to stop me from getting my work into the hands of the public. And it shouldn’t stop you either!

With self publishing, you have total control of everything. From the book design to how much you want to charge for your book. And, OH! Let me say a quick word or two on covers and pricing…

As for designing a book cover you can do it yourself, but I’d suggest you have a background in graphic design. No one wants a cover that looks like your eight year old colored.

You can hire some one to create a cover for you or you can do a search for premade book covers. Most of these look really good. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. Just be sure to read the fine print before purchasing anything.

Pricing is always a question that many people are very insecure about. Don’t fret. It’s just really a matter of personal interest and common sense.

For example, I wouldn’t want to write a full length novel and sell it on Kindle for .99 cents. Nor would I sell a novella for the their (lowest) max royalty price of $2.99.

What you decide to sell your book/E-book (and you can do BOTH!) can be based on several factors. I would say to get an idea for whatever type of book you have to go to Amazon and compare your work to the work of others.

In doing so, you can get not just an idea of how to price your book, but cover designs of other books in your genre. Indie authors like doing this to see how they can get their book to stand out from the crowd.

Another thing you need to do is to know how to format your work. To do so you will need to figure out which platform you want to publish with. And there are several choices out there. The biggest names are Amazon’s KDP, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble’s Nook – to name a few.

3. My stories SUCK!!! :C

Aw, yeah? So somewhere, at some point, some one gave you some negative feedback? Ha! JOIN THE CROWD!!!

As a writer, you will need to learn to take the good with the bad. Artists of every form of media has to develop a tough skin. Let’s face it! Everyone’s a critic. And the world is filled with them!

I’m sure that a bunch of those folks that said you’re writing wasn’t any good is probably jealous that you have done something they can’t. Little do they know they could. Just don’t let those people get to you.

It’s a great feeling seeing your work published. There’s something so internally gratifying to it (and, for me, the process) that it’s difficult to put into words.

But first thing’s first. You need to WRITE! And start writing now. Today! Devote some time each day to write something. Use the resources I’ve given you to head you in the right direction.

It may take days, weeks, or even months, but before you know it, you’re going to be a published author! Believe in yourself, and soon your dream will become a reality! So stop worrying!


I Got This!


What Is Your Daily Exposure Level To Radiation?

Have you ever wondered how much radiation poisoning you may be receiving from everyday things like cell phones and microwaves?

Well, here is a nifty chart I came across to help answer your questions.

We writers like researching all sorts of things for our books, and cool little pieces of information like this can be handy.

But, even if I wasn’t a writer, I’d still find this interesting!

For a larger view, click the image to open in a new window or tab. Then click the image again to blow it up. Enjoy!


daily radiation levels



Click here to view sources.