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My Wish List

Greetings, everybody!

And, welcome! To MY WISH LIST!

When I was thinking about writing this post I was thinking of some of the things that I actually have on my wish list. But then I got to thinking… Why not kick it up a notch? Why not make an EXTREME wish list? Wish List

So that’s what I decided to do. Also, trying to choose only one category to list this post under was a difficult choice to make. But I decided to list it under “Ramblings” because, well, just because.

OK! So let’s get on with it!

Some of the cool things I would really like to see, do, or own are:

  1. Experience ZERO gravity! (I think this one is on my real wish list, too.)
  2. Ride a rhinovirus! Wait… That’s suppose to be rhinoceros.
  3.  Walk the Red Carpet at a celebrity awards show…AND RECEIVE AN AWARD!
  4. Be able to morph into any animal at will.
  5. Be able to fly and/or turn invisible at will.
  6. Time travel! And see…the dinosaurs…
  7. Have enough money to buy no less than 5,000 acres of ANYTHING at the drop of a hat.
  8. Stand on the top of Mt. Everest and yodel at the top of my lungs like Tarzan.
  9. There is NO number 9!
  10. Be able to explore other planets.
  11. Take an exploration submarine trip to the bottom of the Marianas Trench.
  12. Take off in a fighter jet from an aircraft carrier. O-O-OH YEAH!
  13. Sail around Cape Horn in an old school style sailing ship.
  14. Fly around the world in a hot air balloon that looks like the head of Darth Vader.
  15. Own and be licensed to fly a real life mock up of the Millennium Falcon.
  16. Have a major motion picture based on one of my stories.
  17. Be able to actual enter into any book I want and be IN the story!
  18. Own a gigantic real life fire breathing dragon!
  19. Have my theme music. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  20. Be able to fully communicate with any species of insect and animal.
  21. Invent something positive that would revolutionize mankind existence as we know it.
  22. Use the power of my mind to make litter gravitate before me into a tightly compacted ball for disposal.
  23. Cure worldwide violence.
  24. Experience WARP SPEED! ZO-O-OM!!!!!
  25. Hang out with real life Ewoks.
  26. Win the National Pancake Eating Championship!
  27. 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa. ‘Nuff said. But an old Shelby Cobra will do just fine, too! Anybody willing to donate a kit car?
  28. Take a tour of Cinderella’s castle.
  29. Ride a real life (and human friendly) Godzilla through the streets of Tokyo! Woo Hoo!
  30. Own a real life, fully functional LIGHT SABER! If you can get me one then we’ll talk about details later.

Ok! So there’s my 30 (well, 29) things I’d like to see, do, or own. Hope you enjoyed the list, and leave a comment some of the things YOU have on your EXTREME wish list!